Jingmen, ishida housekeeping service co., LTD is the first company in jingmen, with legal person qualification、The commercialization of large-scale integrated domestic service agencies,Since the company1998In business since it was founded,Has been leading the jingmen domestic industry from scratch,Since the childhood development。At present, the company has domestic staff1100Many people,8A branch,45A branch,56Management personnel,The graduate students3People,University degree or above15People,Fixed assets 300Ten thousand yuan。Business involves the pension that occupy the home、Outer wall clean、Household cleaning、Month sister-in-law、The nanny、Property services、The security services、A unit of logistics services、Vocational training、Labor dispatching, etc。
A、Strengthen the training,To promote stable employment
    Is a professional housekeeping service、Very strong sex industry,Need a variety of the comprehensive utilization of knowledge and skills。For housekeeping staff most belong to the personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty HeJinCheng migrant workers,Degree is low、Discipline is not strong、Older、Professional consciousness is not strong、The actual of liquidity is bigger,The company regularly or irregularly conducted employee training and education,The concrete content includes corporate culture、Professional ethics、Service etiquette、The content of the professional skills and so on...To view more>>
 From“Polished rod commander”To the industry leader -
 Therefore, family service industry association2013Years
 The ministry of commerce on accelerating the development of domestic service industry
 General office of the ministry of commerce on strengthening domestic service culture
 2012Annual work report material
 Introduction to the training center
 Service scope
 East branch company profile
 Logistics management system
 Security guard duties
 Security team civilization on duty
 Security code
 Security team discipline
 The security guard captain duties
 Security monitor responsibility
 From“Polished rod commander”To the industry leader -
 Ishida domestic pension that occupy the home、Macheng institutes of health“
 Her senior certificate,1000Yuan can do
 Domestic service management interim measures
 Wuhan first place of domestic industry specification started yesterday
 Therefore, the inaugural meeting and family services association
 Be careful, please “Wild housekeeping”
 “More than half the nanny is home for the holiday”
    Liu Shengyu,The communist party,Jingmen ishida domestic party branch secretary,Ishida, general manager of domestic service co., LTD。Welcome to ishida domestic website!We will service wholeheartedly for the vast number of friends!Pioneering spirit,Innovation and development......Check the address>>
 Hire security guards
 [Recruitment] Free to recruit interested in home
 For nanny、Month sister-in-law。
 Recruit foreign nanny,Month sister-in-law,Housekeeping
 Recruit male nanny
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