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The service is supreme Hundred sincerely service

Address:Jiangxi province ganzhou city development zone jin jia mountain and city8-1-18
The phone:0797-8376926
Contacts:  Cao Jingli   18907971918
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The service is supreme Hundred sincerely service

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Company profile        Ganzhou good water treatment equipment co., LTD, Is a collection of water treatment equipment is developed、Production、Sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises。Company products are mainly included:Pure water equipment、Ultrapure water equipment、Reverse osmosis equipment、EDIEquipment、Demineralized water equipment、Deionized water equipment、Ultrafiltration equipment、Nanofiltration device、Water reuse equipment、Straight drinking water equipment, water purification equipment,Welcome to inquire! The company mainly production and operation:Pure water equipment、Deionized water equipment、Industrial pure water equipment、Reverse osmosis equipment system、High pure water equipment、Ultrafiltration equipment system、Electroplating pure water equipment、Ion exchange equipment、EDIUltrapure water equipment、Well water equipment、Well water purification equipment and so on all kinds of water treatment equipment and related accessories consumables。 ...[In more detail] 

Ø Seven big series products,Whichever you want:Seven big series hundreds of products for you to choose,Meet your different needs。
Ø Customized products:Tianyu will according to the actual needs of the owners,Tailored owner needed products。

ØProfessional technical guidance:Tianyu has domestic advanced water treatment technology,Experts on-site guidance and training,Hold you to master the daily maintenance of water treatment equipment。

Ø Perfect after-sale serving :  Equipment installation and debugging consign is used up,Quality assurance for a year,Lifelong maintenance.

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